Saturday, 17 June 2017

Winter on Foxton Beach

Well it might be cooler at the moment but it is still very mild when the sun is out. And it was a stunner today. While walking along the estuary towards the beach, the bushes were alive with little birds, busy in their preparation for the spring season ahead. My favourite is always the grey warbler and when I spotted a pair, I played a recorded call for them and they shot over to examine the intruder. They are territorial and will often do this, flying close overhead or sitting on a branch staring at you. 

After that I found a small flock of chatty goldfinch and luckily enough, one stopped just long enough for me to catch it. Their red head is always more striking than the gold plumage.

On the way home I heard the familiar croak of a white-faced heron. Such an inelegant call for such a lovely bird! I tracked it as it flew past me and I swear it turned its head to look at me.

Lastly, when I got home I found a pair of starling courting. Even such common birds are beautiful when you look closer at them and the bright sunshine always helps!

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