Saturday, 1 July 2017

Cold but already signs of spring

We only get down to a frost here at the beach so it is quite mild. But when the wind whips up the river from the sea, it sure feels cold. It is very quiet on the estuary although I did watch hundreds of red-billed gulls fly down the river late afternoon this week. They flew so close to the water that you could hear their wings hit the water. It was magic, but I didn't have my camera with me. Sometimes it is quite nice just to watch these things in wonder rather than worrying about f-stops.

There is some activity away from the water. The white-faced herons nest in the fir trees next to the tennis courts and playground and they are beginning to court. There are 2 pairs and if you are lucky you can see them rubbing their necks together. It is very endearing, especially as herons are usually so solitary. This pair even treated me to a high wire performance, calling and posturing to each other on the top of the tennis court fences.

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