Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Best of 2018

Best of 2018

You just never know what is round the corner here at the beach. Whether it is a resident bird, a migrant or vagrant, there is always something to see. Last summer, I was disappointed at the lack of even the regular visitors but during the year there has been lots to get excited about. Here are my favourites for the year.

I always love seeing the terns during the summer mating period and especially in the autumn when they congregate in larger numbers and swirl around you, seemingly oblivious to your presence. I loved this photo of the resident white-fronted terns 'marching' up the beach.

During the autumn, we also usually see the odd black-fronted tern. They are usually juveniles and I love seeing them.

White herons, or great white egrets as they are called in the southern hemisphere are a regular winter visitor to the beach and this year was the first time I managed to get close to any.

And following the white heron came the little egret, a rarity to these shores. This one stayed months and was regularly seen fishing along the little creek in front of the viewing platform. Really skittish, it took a good deal of skulking around behind flax plants (much to the amusement of the residents) to get close to it.


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